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Term 1: Year 3-6 Science & Technology

In technologystudents created a shoe box habitat.
Term 1: Year 3-6 Science & Technology
In science this term we have been learning about living things.  As an assessment, we had to research an animal.  I researched a loggerhead turtle. By Emily B
We have been looking up about endangered animals.  I chose a hammer head shark because it has more information.  We got to make a poster or a power point.  I did a poster because we can decorate it.  By Abbie L
We’ve been creating shoe box habitats.  I liked making animals and plants out of clay.  I got lots of ideas from other students that made a shoe box.  I made a rainforest habitat.  Some people made a farm habitat or an ocean habitat.  It was so much fun, I love technology! By Holly B
We’ve been doing Technology for the last couple of weeks and it’s really, really fun.  The whole class is doing it.  We all get to make animals out of clay and there are options of desert, rainforest, ocean, farmland, mangrove and the pond.  I chose the rainforest.  By Harmony L